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The Best Folding Saws for Hunting and Bushcraft Private

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Why do I need a folding saw?

Like most outdoor activities, hunting requires at least some wilderness survival skills and the tools that go along with them. The more tools you have to assist you, the easier your hunting trip will be. Chances are you’ll run into some tough obstacles, so a folding saw to cut through them is an essential accessory.

Saws are great for bushcraft like building your own ground blind or prepping a tree for your stand. If you’re camping on your hunting trip, then of course you’ll have to cut would to clear an area and make a fire. Folding saws are compact and much easier to pack with your gear than an axe or full-sized saw.

You can even use some folding saws to field dress animals.

Wouldn’t an axe be better?

Axes do have certain advantages. You can put a lot of power behind them. However, axes tend to be large and bulky to carry while saws are more compact. Saws have other upsides as well.

Using a saw is actually quicker than an axe as well, on average about one-third of the effort is required. You also don’t need a ton of room for a saw like you do an axe. For branches which may be hard to reach, you can even ‘pole mount’ the blade for that sawing action.

Bushcraft saws vs pruning saws

Most quality hedge shears on the market are straight-blade shears made from forged steel. One advantage of straight blades is that they can be easily sharpened by hand with a millstone and/or sharpening stone.

Ideally, the blades on your hedge shears should touch only at the cutting point to reduce friction and sticking.

Some shears have serrations on one or both blades, which can be helpful when gripping and cutting twigs larger than ? inch.

Another feature on some designs is a non-stick coating, purportedly to keep the blades from gumming up and/or rusting.

Wavy-blade shears are also sold. They grip the twigs, preventing them from sliding along the blade while you’re cutting, an advantage with open-structured plants. The disadvantage is that wavy blades require professional sharpening.

Another feature to look for is a good adjustable pivot-bolt assembly, which allows you to adjust the blade tension as necessary. This is often the first part of the tool to fail, so being able to buy replacement pivot bolts is an advantage.

How to Choose the Best Loppers for You

Loppers come in a range of styles, sizes, and price points; what’s best for you depends on the kind of pruning you’ll be doing, your size and strength, and your budget. Pruning can be heavy, repetitive work so it’s important to buy the right loppers.

Some saws might appear the same at first glance, but some key differences make the pruner saw ideal for the job of tricky pruning work.They are also made in different sizes, shapes and prices. The most common type of pruner shears is called an angled pruner. Many garden centers sell this kind of pruner because it is fairly easy to handle when you need to do some trimming around your house. It allows you to get close to the plant without having to bend over much. If you want a good quality pruning shear that is not expensive, then look for one with a rubberized grip to make sure it will hold up against rough surfaces. You should also check if it has a comfortable handle and easy-to-hold trigger lever. Most of all, try out the pruner by using it first before buying it.

Are You Using Your Pruning Shears Correctly?

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